Scarey Emails and Other Aventures

Wow!  I must warn you coming our of your comfort zone is a serious commitment.  This has been a frazzling and some times bewildering week but threw it at all it was great.  Taking on the role of project leader for my class put in some super uncomfortable positions.  I sat at the head of a big meeting table and tried to direct a meeting of ten very excited and diverse women by the end of it I was tired and stressed but I praised God for allowing me to have the experience and grow from it. However much to my dismay the Lord continued to bless me with opportunities to grow. I had to write an uncomfortable email to ask someone to please work with the team and to stop a few things she was doing. I was scared out of my mind confrontation is not my strong point. I reached out to the leaders of the class for help. Okay, well i thought they would do for me but I was wrong. What they did was teach me how to do it on my own which will be much more valuable to me in the long run.

The very best part of my week was pretty shocking a friend of mine who I never expected to want to go to church started to talk to me about going. We are going to go this Sunday. I talked to her about what she needed in a church and I decided that mine might not be the best fit so I am going a field trip to a mega church this weekend to help get her started. I promise to fill you in on the experience. I humbled by the fact that the Lord is useing my life in this way because I am far from perfect but he still chooses me.

The Lord is preparing me for something I don’t know what it is yet but I am happily going through the training.  


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