Intolerance vs. Standing Firm

I have been wrestling with question since the chick fil a incident several months ago.  At first I did not see it as a positive statement I thought it made Christians look intolerant and unapproachable instead of showing Christs love.  Since then I have discussed this issue with people in my church and the conversations resulted in me growing in my faith.  They explained to me that Jesus calls us to stand firm for what is right and that taking a stand is an important part of our christian walk.  I am embracing the fact that the chik fil a protest was not an act of intolerance but a show of what we as believers stand for. 


I am still left with the question where is the line how do we know when our stand is blocking someone from the church?  How does the light of Gods love show ?  If our stand causes the world to view the church and intolerant how can we win souls? 






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