The 5 Aspects of Biblical Womenhood

A few years ago I did a bible study at my Church that forever changed how I see myself.  It was called the 5 Aspects of womanhood and it takes you on an in depth journey to discover who God calls us to be.  This is a piece i wrote on refreshing those aspects for where I am headed in 2013.

Refreshing Your Focus on Five Aspects


As the holiday decorations come down and the hustle and bustle of the season fades to memory I think it’s a good time to look at the five aspects of biblical womanhood as we prepare for a successful new year.  These aspects encourage us to dig deeper in faith and make us stronger mothers, wives and women of the community.  It is wise to evaluate yourself regularly and pray and have the Lord to point out areas where you can improve.  I am going to share with you my evaluation and hope in encourages you.


Mistress of the Domain

This year I plan to continue to work on my organization skills and to make my home a comfortable and nurturing place for my children and visitors.  I also plan to be a better steward of my finances by tithing obediently because I can trust God.



Lord, I pray that you help me and guide me on making my home a place of comfort and rest for my family and all who enter it.  I also pray that my giving of tithes be pleasing to you.



As a single woman I will find ways to server the church so that I may be a helper to further the Kingdom of God by be a willing a servant in my church home.  I will start with my monthly nursery obligation and continue to look for ways to make myself useful. I will strive to always have a humble attitude and cheerful spirit while working in the church.


Lord, I pray that I will serve the church with a servant’s heart and help it to be the best it can be.  I also ask that my works be an example to my children of how you ask us to live.


Life Giver

I am going to continue my focus on my children striving to live in a way that shows them how to be men of God and to have them feel safe and secure always.  I embrace the opportunity to be a life giver in my community.  There are many ways I can do this.  It could be something physical like helping serve food at soup kitchen or something as simple as a kind word to someone who looks needs one.  No matter how big or small the gesture our life giving efforts further the kingdom of God and glorify him.


Lord I pray that you continue to guide me on being the kind of mother you want me to be. I also pray that you show me ways I can be a life giver in my community. I want to be your hands and feet to show love to my neighbors.

Lady of Wisdom

I will seek God in everything thing I do.  It is my goal to find exactly what the call on my life is and start to work diligently on it.  I will not squander an opportunity the Lord puts in my path.  Studying the word and the new things I am learning in my class is of top priority.  Also I will continue to surround myself with strong women of God who can keep me on the right path.


Lord, I promise to seek you first and get deeper in your word so I can draw near to you.  I pray you help me to see the call you have for me.  Keep me focused on my goals and to get everything I can from the opportunities you have put in my path. Also I ask you to bless my friendships both new and old. 


Glory of Man

I am to make sure my outside reflects the beautiful work the Lord is doing in my life.  I am working on this from the inside out I am eating much healthier and treating my body as a temple.  I strive to keep my body healthy and strong so I can fulfill the call the Lord has for my life.  My outside appearance shows the world who I am and I want people to see the respect I have for the body the Lord has given me.



Lord, I pray that I take care of myself in such a way that it is pleasing to you, continue to show me ways I can improve.  I want my outside to reflect the Holy Spirit that lives inside of me.



One comment on “The 5 Aspects of Biblical Womenhood

  1. Nancy Parker Brummett says:

    I’m pleased so much of what you studied in class stayed with you. Great start on blogging! Congrats!

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