Time for change

Tonight I am attending a banquet to celebrate the retirement of the pastor at my church.  Ive been only attending this church for about 9 months but in the time it is clear to me that this pastor has been wonderful and I am excited to be a part of the activities this weekend and to learn more on the history of the church.  The church eagerly and nervously awaits the coming year as we pray about selecting a new pastor to lead the congregation.  All of this change in the church has got me thinking about my own life and the major changes taken place in it.  God has a plan for my life and for the church I feel as though he has me in perfect alignment to rise up and be a part of the church in a bigger way.  I am praying about the calling he has on my life and what it means I desire to serve him and have my works be pleasing in his eyes.  It is by no mistake I ended up where I am today I am where the Lord wants me but I must figure out why. It is amazing to me to see the doors the Lord has been opening  he is starting to show me what has called me into. With every open door comes with it a sense of responibilty I don’t want to squander the great things he has put in place for me.  I am makeing huge changes I am sheding the women I once was and rising to the challenges of the call on my life. It is so humbling to see that the Lord see me as so much greater then I see myself he is giving me opportunites I do not desverve.  I go into this season of change with a humbel heart and a willingings to serve.   My ultimite goal is to hear the words well done my good and faithful servent.


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