this post speaks to me in this place i am in right now.

Kameron Lombard

We all want to be somebody, but sometimes don’t want to be just ourselves. We look at others and compare ourselves with damaging effects, rather than find out who we were meant to be and live in the now of such a life. We will never be anyone but us no matter how hard we try. The beauty is that no one can be “US” either.

In America it’s a struggle at least, and perhaps in other countries as well, to not compare with those around you. It’s easy to see someone doing just a little better, having a little more, or being a little further along. Hard is it to find balance and peace in just being… and enjoying where we are.

The other day I made it a grateful one. I just looked at all I was grateful for. As the day went on, the list grew long…

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